PS4, Xbox One or None?

by B R A N

The highly anticipated next-gen consoles have finally been released over the Atlantic in the States. The reviews of the day one games have flooded through, all appearing to be predictably mediocre. However, this is what you would expect when release titles such as knack exist, which does look like it has been made for a 5-year-old and not for the hardcore gamer that is more likely to be the owner of a brand new console. Despite the disappointing of line up of release games, are the next-gen consoles worth that expensive Christmas purchase?

Release titles have forever been almost useless and no better than the previous generation games. Should the games put you off buying, no probably not, the consoles usually have a long life expectancy before future generations are produced. So in a way, buying the new console can be seen as an investment throughout the upcoming years, or so I try to convince myself. If I wasn’t to purchase it now I am sure I will always get that niggling feeling that I am missing out, and no one wants that. When in this mind frame that now is the time for next-gen, it comes down to the difficult decision of which one.

(I am must at this point confess I am a sole believer in the fact that the previous gen was a ‘no brainer’ and the Xbox 360 was the clear winner)

My console choice is very straight forward when it came to last gen. I picked the console with the best controller and only briefly looked over the exclusives because I usually played the games that were on both platforms, FIFA, CoD and GTA being the ones. Hence why Xbox 360 was the console to have because of the extremely small and almost useless controller that was the Dualshock 3. This gen however is different, of course I believe that the Xbox One controller looks much more suitable to my preferences with its larger size, alternative analogue stick positions, its new rumble triggers and its overall ergonomic feel. Then there is the Dualshock 4, this year not so useless with its own increase in size and weight in attempt to match its competitor and its new features such as the touchpad and the odd glowing thing at the front of the controller (which when you think about it is unnecessarily big and hideous). So Xbox One still wins in this department so going by my theory this is the console to have but for some reason for things have changed.

xbox one vs ps4

E3 this year was huge. Both platforms came head to head for the first time with their new consoles, with Sony taking a clear advantage by knocking Microsoft to the floor in the first round of their heavyweight bout. They just seem to win round every corner. The controversial sharing of the discs (which will forever remind me of this hilarious video in which Sony mock their competitors original decision to not allow people to share games:–j0), the ability to not have to be online, and probably most importantly the price in which saw Sony be £80 cheaper than Microsoft. The price difference alone will probably sway many in their decisions in console choice. For me Microsoft seem to have forgotten their gaming consumer. We don’t want a device in which we can do everything from but probably less efficiently. We have devices to watch TV on already, we have devices that can surf the web, we have devices in which we can use for social media. All we want is game that plays games and plays them well. This is what the PS4 appears to have kept in its focus.

Xbox did however win one round, that being the round of exclusives. I forever be a fan of Xbox original exclusives, such as the first Gears of War and the years of Halo that I have enjoyed. With those still in the mix and the new Titanfall plus Dead Rising on the horizon, I must admit I was more excited for Xbox exclusives. PS4 did have a few itself in which i thought may compete but as the reviews have shown, exclusives such as Killzone remains to be behind those that draw many away from the Sony crowd.

Nonetheless, after much deliberation and research into both consoles I have made up my own mind as which path I am about to embark on for the upcoming years. Something really put me off Microsoft with their appalling E3 announcements. Although I dream of a day PS4 produce a real exclusive that would make me proud to own their console rather than an Xbox, I am still choosing the PS4. I hope the Dualshock 4 lives up to expectations and that the games improve in the future. If I solely play games that are available to both consoles then that £80 has really made a difference, it means two extra games rather than a kinect I am unlikely to properly use.

Do you wait? Nothing on next-gen screams out to me as a must have. No huge revelations have been made in the industry, even if you can share clips of your games at a touch of a button or stream them live from your console. So it may even be better to ride out these high prices, wait for them to fall and buy next-gen when they really give you something that the old gen can’t. Me personally, I just don’t want to miss out. This Christmas it will a change in platform for me as I pick up a Dualshock 4 for the new year.

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